The second edition of the international conference about the internet
in Central and Eastern Europe.

28-29 October 2008, Warsaw

   Are you interested in the latest trends reigning on the internet market? Are you thinking about how to achieve success in e-business? And don’t know what to invest in on the internet?

   You can find the answers to these and many other questions at the internet CEE conference. Internet CEE is the largest meeting of e-business leaders in Central and Eastern Europe.

   Internet CEE is 300 participants from all over Europe, a comparison of the experience of international companies and local leaders, data presentation concerning respective markets and an occasion to establish new business contacts. Don’t miss this chance! Become a leader in your region!

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Speakers about the 2007 Internet CEE

Felix Bodmann
Felix Bodmann, AOL (Great Britain)

AOL is launching a business in Poland soon, that’s why AOL is attending the Internet CEE conference. I am enjoying my time here. And I will be celebrating my birthday tonight with more than 200 people, that’s not bad!

Andrei Korobeinik
Andrei Korobeinik,
Rate (Estonia)

It was really nice to meet you and thanks for the great experience! I've had a lot of interesting meetings, some on purpose, some by chance and those two days were very useful.

Peter Darvas
Peter Darvas,
Ipsos Szonda (Hungary)

Technically speaking – the conference is OK and the timing is kept. This is important. I am enjoying my time here, especially after my presentation :). I think I would come next year if you organize such an event.

The organiser of the conference is Gemius SA.

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